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Review of Novel : Perahu Kertas

Title : Perahu Kertas
The Author : Dewi Lestari (Dee)
Publisher : Bentang Pustaka
Tight : 4 cm with xii + 444 pages
Size : 20 cm x 13,5 cm
Printing : I Agustus 2009
Kind of Book : Romance

His name Kugy. Tiny, dreamer, and messy. From his mind, flowing strands of beautiful fairy tales. Keenan had never met people as weird as that.
His name is Keenan. Intelligent, artistic, and full of surprises. From his magical paintings materialize. Kugy've never met people as cool as that.
And now they face in between the expanse of mystery and obstacles.
Will the fairy tale and painting together?
Will the hearts and dreams they meet?

The story begins with Keenan, a young man who recently graduated from high school, who for six years living in Amsterdam with his grandmother. Keenan has the talent to paint a very strong, and he did not have goals other than becoming a painter, but the deal with his father insisted he left Amsterdam and returned to Indonesia to continue his study in a university. Finally, Keenan is received college in Bandung, in the Faculty of Economics.

On the other hand, there is Kugy, an unique girl tend to be eccentric, which will also be enrolled at the same university with Keenan. Since childhood, Kugy very like a fairy tale. Not only has the collections and libraries, she also enjoys writing stories. Her goal is only one: want to become interpreters tale. But Kugy consideres that fairy tale writer is not aware to be a profession which received a convincing and easy environment. Do not want to escape from the world of writing, Kugy continued her studies at the Faculty of Letters.

Kugy and Keenan met through a couple, Eko and Noni. Eko is Keenan’s cousin, while Noni is Kugy’s bestfriend since childhood. Then, Noni enrolled at the same university in Bandung. Finally, those foursome become friends.

Here some of good quotes that can we found in this novel :
"A good artist can express everything, including the void though."

"Sometimes a blank canvas was also sound. Without emptiness, anyone not be able to start something."

"Sometimes the sky can look like a blank sheet of black. But in fact, it’s not. Your star stay there. Earth was just spinning."

"The memory was just a ghost in the corner of thought. As long as we just shut up and don’t do anything, it’s forever remain a ghost. Never, ever come true."

In the end of this story was determined by a string of words, "Heart is not have to choose love, but it’s chosen by love." Each heart can only re-surrender in love with a flowing stream somewhere. Like a paper boat that washed away in the trenches, in the pond, at times, in the river, but it always comes down in the same place. Although sometimes bitter, hurt, and doubt, but the real heart always knows. This story is fulled with idealism, friendship, laughter, tears, and love, "Perahu Kertas" is none other than live journey, come back to find their home.

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